Meet the Owner


Expert Organizer/Owner

I’m Daniella, and I have been naturally inclined towards organization my whole life.  Honestly, organizing is like crack to me.  I seriously cannot get enough of it!  Not only do I LOVE organizing my own space, but also that of my friends and family (sometimes without their consent – just ask my family).  I love to do everything with a big smile, and you will definitely hear me say, “You’ve got this!”.   And I mean it too!

I believe in being organized in your home, schedule, car, purse/wallet, and even your cell phone.  Being organized {and following through with it} allows people to be efficient in all aspects of their lives.  Believing that organizing truly improves people’s lives, my friends often point out that I am an extremely helpful person and am always willing to help everyone around increase organization and efficiency in their lives.  My passion shines through, in everything that I do.  I am truly delighted to be bringing organization into the homes and businesses of anyone in need!

Beyond my passion for organizing, I personally am a minimalist and a purger.  I pride myself on holding on to the bare necessities in life, believing in owning only items I use on a regular basis and a select few keepsakes. As for the items that I keep, it is limited to clothes/shoes that can be worn for multiple types of occasions, daily houseware items, and board games that are played regularly. In the ‘keepsakes’ category I try to hold on to only things that have been passed down through my family that I can also use. The driving force behind my minimalist lifestyle is my interest in being ‘Green’. The key to living ‘Green’ is reducing waste, which goes hand-in-hand with being a minimalist. But don’t worry, getting organized is all about what YOU are comfortable with (you won’t have to become a minimalist)!